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Long Term Health Care Insurance

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The need for long term care services affects people of all ages and the high cost can present a serious threat to our financial independence and lifetime savings.

Neither health insurance nor Medicare were designed to pay for long term care services and Medicaid is a government welfare program requiring “spending down” of assets to the Medicaid level before benefits are offered.


Long Term Care Insurance plans provide for care at home helping to preserve your independence and avoid relying totally on family or friends for support, in the event you or your spouse requires ongoing care. The plans also provide for assisted living and nursing home care.


American Federation of Teachers – Connecticut members qualify for a group discount if you purchase Long Term Care Insurance through this exclusive program. Policies are underwritten by John Hancock and MetLife, leaders in the Long Term Care Insurance industry. Connecticut Partnership plans offering additional protection of your assets are also available. Extended family members (including spouses, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and in-laws), also qualify for this group discount.  Additionally, preferred health and spousal discounts are also available.

Since premiums are based on age at the time of application, your premium will never be lower.


Sheila McNamara, RN, CLTC is a Long Term Care Insurance representative who specializes exclusively in this benefit. Sheila is certified by the Corporation for Long Term Care and the Connecticut Partnership. She brings her twenty years of healthcare experience and has seen firsthand working in the nursing home and homecare setting the stress – physical, emotional and financial which is placed on a family, when a family member requires ongoing care services.


For additional information regarding how you may take advantage of this program and protect your family and the assets you have spent a lifetime accumulating, please contact Sheila McNamara, RN, CLTC, of Healthcare Insurance Solutions, LLC in North Haven, at (203) 668-1337.

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